Website Translation

International reach

Your company website is a central to the identity and image of the company as a whole and it is crucial that the content of the website makes a strong impression. Making your website available in multiple languages is a key step towards reaching customers on an international scale. It will often be necessary to localize i.e. adapt your website content to suit the expectations and culture of your target audience. As native speakers living in the target country, our translators are perfectly situated to give your website an international voice.

Various file options

HTML files:

Our translators can work directly in the HTML files whilst preserving the source code, meaning that your website can be ready to upload without having to reformat or insert the translation manually into the files.

CMS (Typo3, Contenido, Joomla, Modx):

More complex websites or those making use of Content Management Systems can be translated either online, or using CMS extraction tools.

Website updates

Using modern Translation Memory software means that regular updates to your website in multiple languages can be carried out simply and at low cost, whilst maintaining the style and terminology used in the original translation.