About us

Welcome to Significant Translations, a privately-owned, online translation agency based in Aachen, Germany. Equipped with long-term experience, technical know-how and a global network of trusted translators, we can translate any text into almost any language.

Significant Translations was founded with the single goal of offering excellence in the field of multilingual language translation. Attention to detail, an uncompromising attitude to quality and competent project management are all key elements of our company philosophy. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our customers and in building working relationships based on solid foundations of trust and commitment.

Our promise to you:
  • Fair and flexible customer-oriented service
  • Uncomplicated order placement and lean, seamless project processing
  • Expert translation combining the advantages of modern software with the skills of native-speaker, professional translators
  • 100% dedication to fulfilling your requirements

We look forward to working with you.