Certified translation (beglaubigte Übersetzung)

Within Germany

Official documents such as marriage certificates, driving licences, academic qualifications etc. will generally need to be translated by a certified translator (vereidigter Übersetzer). We work with sworn translators who, with their stamp and signature, are legally permitted to confirm the accuracy and correctness of their translation. This certification from the translator is officially accepted throughout Germany.

International use: "apostille"

If your translation is intended for use outside of Germany an additional legalisation or "apostille" may be required in order for the document to be legally recognised. In this case please contact us for further information.

Free quote

To receive a quote for your certified translation, you can either send us a digital copy (scan) of your document by email to info@significant-translations.com, or send us a photocopy by post, along with your contact details, to

Mr. Kamel Ajami
Oppenhoffallee 17
52066 Aachen, Germany

Please note that we do not accept any liability for original documents sent by post.