Transgress cultural boundaries

In order for your texts to be equally effective in their intended setting, a high level of cultural awareness and knowledge of the target consumer market is necessary. The successful localization of websites, software or documentation involves not only translation but also the active adaption of the text to ensure that it still "works" in the target language. It may even be necessary to change the layout, images, colours and product names to ensure that the translation appeals to the targeted cultures. For this reason we work with translators who are not only native-speakers living in the target country, but also highly experienced professionals in the field of localization.

Global website and software localization

The localization process comprises the following steps:

1. Text analysis

The source files are submitted and these are analysed to determine the scope of the project and the tools and skills needed for the successful localization of the texts. A detailed project plan, price calculation and delivery schedule are compiled.

2. Terminology database

Previous translations and/or reference materials (if available) are collected and used to create a database that will ensure the use of consistent terminology and phrasing throughout the translation.

3. Translation and localization

The content texts are translated by one of our professional localization experts with the expectations and culture of the target audience in mind.

4. Quality assurance

The website or software is thoroughly tested and any further measures necessary to accommodate the translated text e.g. adjustment of the user interface (the size of buttons, menus, pop-ups boxes etc.) are indicated. Suggestions may also be made for the enhancement of the layout, typography and image content to create the desired impact.

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