Quality Policy

Quality - more than just a word

The success of a translation project and the quality of the delivered product is dependent on a multitude of factors. Our quality policy has evolved from years of practical experience in managing translation projects of all shapes and sizes. Our dedication to the following guiding principles has proven to be a recipe for success time and again:

Customer needs analysis

Quality starts with knowing our customers and understanding exactly what they expect from us. We'll ask you about any stylistic guidelines, your desired delivery deadline, your requirements regarding layout and formatting, and your preferences for terminology as well as anything else that may be relevant to your project.

Intelligent Project Management

Intelligent allocation of resources and ongoing project controlling is achieved by our Project Management team who are qualified linguists with several years' professional Project Management experience. They are highly aware of the subtle complexities behind each translation and are experts in creating optimised workflows tailored to the individual text.

Latest technology

Translator selection

Every text is different. Every translator is different. We make sure that we match your text to a professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language and who has a high degree of expertise in the relevant subject field.

Quality control

Every translation is thoroughly checked for completeness, layout and formatting before delivery. For further enquiries we'll be glad to assist you.