For extra peace of mind

An extra pair of eyes can be a great help. That's why we always recommend including proofreading by a second translator as part of your translation order. Adding proofreading to your order increases the total price by just 30% - a worthwhile investment.

According to standard

In line with EN 15038, proofreading involves comparing the original text with the translation, checking for the accuracy and suitability of the translation as well as eliminating any typos, spelling or punctuation errors.

No hint of translation

For texts that are going to be published, we can arrange editing and localization by an experienced copywriter. The text will be thoroughly reviewed in terms of style, phrasing and word choice to ensure that it is fully localized and "speaks" to its target audience without changing the original meaning.

Just proofreading

We also offer proofreading as a separate service for both translated and non-translated texts. This is charged at an hourly rate, so the total costs will depend on the amount of correction needed as well as the length of the text.